Our Values

Play are committed to reducing our impact on people and our planet. We are constantly evolving by exploring new sustainable practices through material sourcing, design, manufacturing and our packaging

Play is dedicated to balancing purpose with profit. Our collections are enriched with recycled and regenerated fabrications.

Better for Performance, People & the Planet.


Our product development team research and source world-class recycled active fabrics that are better for the planet, and fit for purpose: passing the high standards we set for our collections.


Our efforts span beyond our product ranges. Through using recycled packaging, adopting better sustainable practices.

The Play team would like to come together with a passion for protecting the planet and a collective curiosity to continue to do better. We are constantly looking at ways to improve environmental processes and policies, and offset greenhouse gases.


Sustainability is a moving target - always evolving and growing - Being better for people and planet isn’t just about product - it’s about people, manufacturing, and the community. It’s a big feat to launch a business in this way, many obstacles can arise in that journey for any individual, determined to make a difference with Play as a brand, taking the responsibility to do the right thing and doing our best for the planet. We have to respect how we live and move in it and with it.

We want to do best to leave it better than we found it.